Ed Sheeran reaches 30 [Wednesday 17th February]

How much do you know about Ed?

Some fun facts on Ed Sheeran:

  • After touring he stopped using a smartphone for a year
  • Eminem is his favourite rapper of all time
  • He learnt to sing at his local church choir in Suffolk
  • Ed Sheeran can speak a bit of French, German and Greek
  • His older brother Matthew is a classical music composer
  • The divide world tour made him $775 million
  • He has a massive net worth $64 million
  • All of his guitars that go on tour with him have names
  • He has a cup of tea and ketchup bottle tattooed on him
  • His cats have over 309,000 followers on Instagram
  • Many famous songs were actually written by him
  • His full name is Edward Christopher Sheeran
  • But he nearly changed his name to Redward

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